Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Comedian Dave Chappelle is a strange cat who doesn’t do things the way Hollyweird wants him to. One of America’s funniest comedians walked away from millions because he didn’t want to lose control over his life. He didn’t want to become a slave to the system.

We are quick to call actors and actresses crazy because of things they do especially when they have breakdowns or when they just don’t appear to be in control of themselves. In the video below, Chappelle breaks down Hollywood culture with ease.

From To Save A Life:

“The worst thing you can call someone is crazy…it’s dismissive.”

We have become so afraid of what we don’t understand that we resort to insulting the unknown. We pride ourselves on being a generation that’s “accepting” when in reality we’re more divided than we’ve been in a long time. Five minutes on any news channel or two scrolls through your Facebook feed (if you haven’t deleted it already) will only confirm that.

So what’s the difference we can make? How do we break down actual walls that are segregating our country? Well we can start by listening. Not to respond but to understand.

We crave truth and we crave love, but we’ve completely abused the concept of truth in love. We try to correct people by voicing our opinions in the way we want to be heard rather than in such a way that the people we’re talking to will listen. Correct with compliments, encouragement and hugs.

People who are different aren’t crazy, people who battle mental health struggles aren’t weird, people who think differently aren’t weak. Take the time today to listen to someone, and then compliment them. Dave Chappelle not only described Hollywood, but the world. We live in a sick environment, but the beautiful news is we have the Gospel, the only hope!

Chappelle continues to make his comeback with audiences as he tries to recapture the magic that brought him so much earlier fame. Hopefully, the powers that be will not stifle that. As we know they want a piece of him and he isn’t biting. We know Hollyweird can be taxing and for many, they are not ready for it.

I will think twice next time I call someone in the business “crazy,” and not think what exactly drove them to that point of acting out.

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h/t – To Save A Life

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