Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So the geniuses at MTV (Yes, it still exists) thought it would be a good idea for some minorities, women and self-loathing white guys to do a video where they lectured white guys on what resolutions they should have. Tomi Lahren saw it and she just tears MTV to SHREDS over it!

You’ll actually get to see a clip of these nimrods as they pretend to be pithy and amusing but really just come off looking petty and small.

Watch as Tomi takes them apart.

Best part? Where she says, “Your Obama-phones are about to become alarm clocks under President Trump. So get woke and get a job!” 


Go ahead and share it with others! Let them know that the current MTV generation is as out of step with America as the Democrat Party. That’s exactly why Donald Trump WON!

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