Tuesday, January 3, 2017

You never know who or when you are going to see something where you might have to take action that could be one of the riskiest moves you’ve ever made. In this story, this young man made the right choice.

You can only hope to raise a little hero like TJ Smith. This young man was outside playing with other children when he happened to see a man try to abduct a little girl.  TJ didn’t know whether or not he was watching a family member or a complete whackjob take the young girl, but his first instinct was to follow. How many kids would have done that?

After he decided to go after the suspect, TJ quickly stopped at his neighbor, Jame’s Ware home and told him what he saw. James quickly joined the pursuit with his wife.

However, just when James and his wife had thought the suspect had alluded him, TJ was there again directing him to an abandoned house.

James found the man attempting to get the girl inside the house through a window. And that’s as far as the man got. James tackled him to the ground while his wife called the police. After James detained the man, more neighbors showed up to secure him while they waited for police to arrive.

The suspect, Raeshawn Perez, later confessed to police he was planning to rape the young girl!

For TJ’s excellent police skills the Wichita Falls Police Department made TJ an Honorary Police Member and gave him a special badge. If it wasn’t for TJ thinking quickly and making a choice that turned out to help a victim, something dire could have happened to that young girl!

In addition, TJ went to school with his honorary badge and told other students how he respected police officers and their everyday jobs.

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H/T: InspireMore

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