Monday, January 23, 2017

People can protest. It’s their right. But don’t use that opportunity to be a jerk or to try and prevent OTHER people from exercising THEIR rights. That’s exactly what some left-wing idiots were doing until they made the mistake of trying to block a couple of Trump-supporting bikers from getting in to see the inauguration!

What you see in the video is a man breaking through the protester line. But then he realizes his wife or girlfriend is still behind the human blockade and does something about it.

Watch, but be warned there is violent language.

That was AWESOME. Notice how one of the idiots was like, “You’re on camera!” and the response from the biker was CLASSIC. Easy lesson: Don’t keep people from what they have rights to do, especially via force. It will be met with equal force.

Share this video with others! Let them see what happens with leftist pinheads try to keep good men from watching Donald Trump embarking on his quest to make America great again!


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