Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Louisville, Kentucky, woman learned the hard way that tweeting about assassinating President Trump is going to land you in a big heap of trouble.

In the middle of the night, burlesque dancer Heather Lowrey tweeted “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate.”


The irony of embracing love while calling for an assassination was obviously missed on Miss Lowrey. I’m not sure she is loving her life so much now after she was fired from her jobs because of this tweet. She also is being investigated by the Secret Service.

She was fired from her job dancing and also her other employers. A life insurance company she worked for made it clear to their customers they don’t condone this behavior.

Heather Lowrey is no longer contracted with the Travis Moody Agency. The Travis Moody Agency, its agents and its staff…

Posted by American Income Life – Travis Moody Offices Kentucky-Indiana on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The local new report in the video below details what might be in store for Lowrey. You don’t get a pass when you threaten the President of the United States!

What an idiot! This was a very costly mistake. Her whole life is in turmoil over a tweet. Eight years without consequences for violent behavior promoting the leftist agenda has apparently left some people expecting not to have consequences for breaking the law. But, this is a new era. The Trump Era!

Lawlessness has consequences. You can’t riot and claim it’s your First Amendment right to cause damage to people and property and you can’t call for the president to be assassinated because he doesn’t subscribe to your left wing ideals.

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H/T: Truthfeed

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