Monday, January 9, 2017

A small business owner in the left coast state of Oregon has taken a stand against liberals to support Donald Trump. This is a bold move for a small business owner in this hostile environment.

Kevin Kerwin owns Kevin the Geek Computer Repair Store in Oswego. He put a sign in his store window challenging those who aren’t accepting Donald Trump’s election. Kerwin was upset at the riots and protests in Portland after Trump won, so he wanted to express his displeasure.

The sign, which is below, reads  “To all the ignorant liberals including Bruce Springsteen… The four people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled teenager just because he supports Donald Trump – Just shows everyone you are a party of complete morons. I’m embarrassed to call you Americans. Go Straight to Hell where you belong. We’ve had it with you idiots.”

While I agree with him, it’s a heck of a statement to tell your Customers to go to hell! Kevin reports that there have been boycotts of his store, but he will not be deterred. Conservatives flock to his store. He even had a sign up at Christmas!

Kerwin clearly isn’t afraid to mix business abd politics, even in this Oregon town.

Wow! He’s not afraid to take a stand, even when it will affect his wallet. That’s dedication. Trump has the most loyal supporters!

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H/T: Fox News

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