Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hollywood people live in a bubble even if they refuse to admit it. Some stars don’t forget where they came from – like Charlie Daniels. In just three tweets, he demolishes the culture and depraved mindset of the left.

The left in Hollywood love their little causes. The environment. Animals. Third world communist countries and more. But they have no use for the unborn. They’ll go to the mattresses for turkeys and chickens but for unborn babies? Their attitude is, “Who cares?”

Here’s what Mr. Daniels had to say:

as well as this:

He is 100% right! They have their priorities all screwed up in Hollywood and they don’t seem to want to change. Thankfully, there are still people like Charlie Daniels around who are still grounded in reality!

Share this with others! Let people know there are people in the entertainment industry who are not all like Meryl Streep. They are few and far between but they DO exist and we need to support brave people like Charlie Daniels for speaking out!

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