Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It’s one thing to see Trump supporters get attacked. It is quite another when minority supporters of Donald Trump are attacked by media figures who wish for nothing but racial division and that is what Marc Lamont Hill of CNN does all the time! But he took it to another level this time!

CNN panelists were discussing comedian Steve Harvey’s trip to Trump Tower to talk to the President-elect and Hill just went off. He didn’t like it because there weren’t radical leftists like Cornel West in attendance.

Listen to what Lamont Hill calls the people who HAVE been to see Trump. It’s absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

“Mediocre negroes.” Can you believe he said that? These are people who call DONALD TRUMP a divisive figure? There is somebody who wasn’t going to take what Marc Lamont Hill said without some comments of his own. Sheriff David Clarke held nothing back taking down Hill!


Sheriff Clarke is right, though. Why is it that African-Americans who support Republicans are allowed to be called such vile names? If anybody had said that about Obama supporters, the media and other people in government would LOSE THEIR MINDS. 

Tell others about this. If you have minority friends who support Trump, show them! Just think of how insulting it is for African-American supporters of Trump to be called “mediocre negroes” because they don’t live up to Marc Lamont Hill’s standards!

h/t The Daily Caller

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