Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Texas Senator and failed presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is taking up Donald Trump’s mantra of draining the swamp. Along with Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Cruz proposed an amendment to the Constitution to enact term limits on federal legislators.

Their press release stated, “[Cruz and DeSantis] today proposed an amendment to the US Constitution to impose term limits on members of Congress.” The amendment would limit Senators to two terms lasting six years each while Congressmen could have three two year terms as you can see in the video below.

DeSantis says this would be the first step towards draining the swamp. Term limits look good on paper, but they can empower lobbyists who will be dealing with less-experienced legislators. Critics say that we already have term limits called elections.

A constitutional amendment is a very lengthy process and in reality is unlikely to happen. This is likely just another example of Ted Cruz trying to get credit for something he will not accomplish. If Cruz is honest about wanting term limits, he will honor the 12 year limit he wants to enact and leave the Senate after his next term.

Whatever happens, it is time to drain the swamp. This needs to happen at many levels of government. President-elect Trump will hold the legislature and bureaucrats accountable for their actions and their inactions. And voters need to make sure they are electing competent people in the legislature who work for the public’s best interest!

If Ted Cruz wanted to really accomplish something he might have proposed term limits for bureaucrats who are heavily entrenched and have much more influence over policy than Congressmen!

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H/T: Sputnik News

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