Friday, January 6, 2017

Europe has had an open door policy towards refugees from the Middle East, but one country has stood tall in the face of this liberal politically correct policy which has put Europeans at risk. And now that country’s president is encouraging citizens to take a bold move against radical Islamic terrorists. He urged citizens to arm themselves against a “super-Holocaust” that could be coming from Muslim terrorists!

Now, this is a leader with some guts. He is determined to protect his constituents and to allow them to protect themselves from terrorists! While France and Germany allow terrorists to storm their countries and carry out ruthless terrorist attacks, the Czech Republic is arming their citizens to put a stop to it.

The Czech Republic only has 4,000 Muslims in its population of 10 million. That low number hasn’t discouraged citizens from taking action to defend themselves against radical Islamic terrorists. They boast the highest gun ownership with 800,000 registered firearms.

Now the country’s interior ministry is pushing a constitutional change that would allow citizens to use their own guns against terrorists. The measure will be voted on in the coming months.

The European Union has been very restrictive with allowing citizens to defend themselves with firearms. After the Paris terrorist attacks, the EU pushed for more gun control. The Czech Republic continues to stand strong against these measure. They were the only country to oppose the EU’s push for gun control. Now their president is taking a strong stance by encouraging citizens to shoot terrorists themselves.

The Czech Republic is sending a loud and clear message to radical Islamic terrorists. They won’t be sitting ducks. They will fight back. BRAVO!

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H/T: Breaking 911

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