Friday, January 27, 2017

A man and his sister were driving to Baton Rouge for their dad’s birthday when they saw another vehicle being driven erratically. It was obvious the driver was impaired or on something, so they called police as they recorded everything.

In the video below, the driver weaves back and forth along the interstate. At times it appeared he was going to cross the highway and drive into oncoming traffic. He hit the guard rail a few times too.

The dispatcher alerted a Louisiana State Trooper who positioned himself along the side of the highway. Then this man slammed his truck into the cop car.

When you watch the video, you might be surprised that both the driver and the officer only sustained minor injuries. It’s rather remarkable that they weren’t hurt worse.

The driver apparently was strung out on heroin and is facing several charges. Opiate addiction is a serious problem in our society. While it’s sad enough when the addicts harm themselves through overdosing, it’s absolutely appalling and terrifying to think of these junkies driving cars and killing other people.

While it’s awful that the officer was injured at all, everyone on the road that day is fortunate that this junkie didn’t kill anyone!

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