Friday, January 13, 2017

Diamond and Silk were not going to let Barack Obama leave office without sending him out the only way they know how to, with a video!

Let me tell you something about these two beautiful sisters of mine; they are 100 percent genuine patriots, and they love this country with all of their hearts.

For the last year, Diamond and Silk had been traveling around with Donald Trump, speaking at rallies, meeting with heartland American patriots, and becoming phenoms on YouTube and Facebook. Their disdain for Obama is well documented, and they can’t wait to get our guy in the office next Friday.

This video below should give you a major smile and a couple of laughing moments when you see what they had cooked up for Obama.

Obama brought this on himself with the way he treated Republicans while he was in office. Obama didn’t care too much for the American people, or he wouldn’t have forced Obamacare on them. He didn’t believe in small business, or he wouldn’t have created so many regulations to stifle their progress. He didn’t care anything about the military, or he wouldn’t have made it possible for soldiers to get sex changes on the government dime.

I have so many things I can say about Obama and his field presidency, but I just love seeing Diamond and Silk say it for me in their video.

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