Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Many of you have heard by now of Meryl Streep’s dramatic performance at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Streep and her Hollywood liberals once again used a public participation trophy night to lash out at Republicans, and most importantly, the incoming Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump.

Hollywood will not stop attacking Trump so get used to this over the next four years. They won’t accept the fact their candidate Hillary Clinton lost because nobody likes her, they need to cause havoc any way they can.

Which leads me to the gatekeepers of the Trump administration, Diamond, and Silk. These two young ladies have created a storm defending Trump against liberals and the media while taking on hate from both sides of the aisle. Diamond and Silk sent Hollywood and more specifically Meryl Streep a message that messing with Trump is the wrong thing to do at any time of the year.

I couldn’t have put it any other way. Hollywood actors think we want to know what they are thinking politically, but that’s where they are wrong. Do your job, buckdance, cow tow, repeat your lines, and answer when we call. That’s your instructions as actors.

Diamond and Silk didn’t leave anything on the table in the video, and everyone needs to share it as soon as you watch it for the second time.

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