Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The mainstream media and the left keep pushing the idea that Trump was elected because of “fake news” and Russian interference. But, one publication was caught with its hand in the cookie jar after publishing a fake story about Russian interference. Oops!

Buzzfeed reported that Trump had been briefed by the CIA that Russia had compromising financial and personal information on him. The report was aggregated by a former British intelligence officer in an attempt to tie the President-elect to Russia.

Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith acknowledged in a tweet the information was unverified but wanted to run the report knowing it was likely false so readers could decide for themselves. This isn’t how credible mainstream journalism is supposed to work, but after Buzzfeed published the story, it gave other organizations cover to report on Buzzfeed’s article. This is how the left uses fake news.

National Review editor Charles Cooke pointed out the lunacy with Buzzfeed promoting this story.

Donald Trump also was not silent when this story broke. He bypassed the media and went directly to the public to highlight this latest smear campaign.

The allegations Buzzfeed published document that Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen was “the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York tycoon’s campaign and the Russian leadership,” and that he even went to Prague to meet with the Russians. Cohen immediately discredited that with one simple tweet.

The video below highlights this debacle.

This was leaked by the intelligence community or someone who received the briefing with the intent to discredit the President-elect. The press fell for it hook, line, and sinker as it helped them push their agenda. Now they have egg on their faces for reporting a story which wasn’t even verifiable and isn’t even true.

This type of reporting is what helped elect Donald Trump. The bias of the mainstream media is undeniable. The average American can see it. Now they are doubling down by publishing outright lies.

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H/:T NY Post

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