Friday, January 6, 2017

Donald Trump had his intelligence briefing today and he had a huge request to the chairs of the House and Senate committees regarding a potential major security leak!

Donald Trump tweeted:

If you take the tweet at face value it appears that there is a massive intelligence leak going on within the secret walls of the CIA and other United States intelligence agencies.

The tweet might also show the intelligence community is deliberately leaking information to the press in order to cast President-elect Trump in a poor light.


Either way, this is not good and Congress needs to get to the bottom of it by performing their constitutional duties of oversight on executive agencies!

For too long have executive branch agencies run around DC and the world unchecked. They mired us in a 10+ year long stay in Iraq with their bad information about WMDs. And they are constantly trying to squeeze American businesses and taxpayers for every cent they can get. No MORE!

Share if you want Congress to do its job and perform REAL OVERSIGHT on Executive Agencies!

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