Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Civil Rights activist Mason Weaver isn’t holding back his opinion with regards to Congressman John Lewis’ refusal to attend Trump’s Inauguration. Like Lewis, Weaver marched with Martin Luther King.


After Lewis called President-elect Trump “illegitimate,” Weaver told Tucker Carlson that Lewis is an “illegitimate Congressman” who “collaborated with the Democratic Party to oppress black America.”

In the video below, Weaver doesn’t mince words about Lewis. He pointed out that the racists who beat John Lewis during the civil rights movement were Democrats. He called Lewis a “civil rights turncoat” who has since sold out Black Americans for the same Democratic party that beat him and invented Jim Crow laws.

Wow! He didn’t hold anything back! That was good TV!

Lewis doesn’t appreciate the First Amendment enough to understand that others are entitled to have different political opinions than him. He might be a civil rights hero, but he can’t throw stones at people and then expect not to be called on it. I’m glad Mason Weaver stood up and said this!

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H/T: Fox

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