Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A domestic terrorist helps to rob an armored car. She drives the getaway car. An armored car driver and two cops are murdered and now the Governor of NY has commuted her sentence — and the FBI agent who investigated is FURIOUS!

Judith Clark was not just some innocent person who only drove a getaway car. From the NY Post, former FBI Agent Kenneth Maxwell gives details of who she was:

There’s evidence she was a committed member of The Family — a shady group of avowed communists, former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army members and lawbreakers affiliated with the Republic of New Afrika and Weather Underground.

The Black Panthers. Terrific. When she was caught, she was trying to reach for a loaded 9mm semiautomatic gun she had hidden under the seat. She just didn’t drive a car. She was directly involved and the judge gave her a 75 year prison sentence, ensuring she’d DIE in prison.

Now, left wing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has commuted her sentence. This means she is ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE in 2017. He cited the length of time she was in prison and being a model prisoner.

You know who doesn’t get a second chance? Peter Paige, Officer Edward O’Grady, and Officer Waverly Brown. They’re all DEAD in part due to Judith Clark. She should ROT in prison.

Tell others about this outrage. If the parole board allows it, this person, a domestic terrorist, will be given freedom despite taking part in the murder of three people, including two cops. It’s disgusting. 

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