Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Those who serve in our military and their families have to sacrifice so much. Not just the possibility of losing a loved one to war, but also having to suddenly leave your family to go abroad to defend our freedoms. Often times, these families have the same (or much worse) hardships civilian families have.

The Cooney family was raising a child with severe cerebral palsy when the father, Master Sgt Jeremy, was called away to Afghanistan.

What is amazing was this young man wasn’t even supposed to be walk or even use a wheelchair.

But while his father was away defending our freedoms, this little trooper’s determination would not be beat!

He achieved a miracle!

Watch the amazing story below:

I cried a bit just writing this. I bawled when I watched the video. It is a military homecoming AND a kid overcoming the odds and miraculously walking? Too much to handle!

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