Thursday, January 26, 2017

We can come up with some creative excuses when we get stopped for speeding. The police have probably heard it all! But, an Australia man upped the game with a pretty hilarious reason for having a lead foot.

A lot of people say they were rushing because they have to go to the bathroom, but not this man. He blamed Mother Nature.

I expect Al Gore to start using this excuse. He can say it was caused by “climate change!” That is IF Al Gore actually drives!

Buzz60 reports in the video below that this excuse is even funnier when you see what kind of car he was driving!

Those would have to be tornado-like winds to cause that car to go so high over the speed limit! But, I will give him props for creativity. The officer certainly appreciated the laugh as he was giving him a ticket!

Have you ever been successful getting out of a ticket?

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H/T: BroBible

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