Monday, January 30, 2017

Motorcycles can be a dangerous form of transportation.

A Washington motorcyclist’s bizarre near-death crash was caught on video by his helmet camera. Seth Dieckman was traveling down the highway when an Acura flew by him very closely.

Dieckman gives the driver the finger then speeds up to catch him. That was a mistake that had serious consequences. The driver slammed on his brakes. Dieckman lost control of his bike, but landed on the trunk of the Acura.

Jason A. Thomas continued driving away from the crash. He drove for a quarter of a mile before he hear Dieckman banging on the car. Thomas was arrested at the scene on suspicion of DUI and for driving with a suspended license.

After watching the video below, you’ll be amazed that Thomas escaped without injuries. He just reported to be sore all over! It’s amazing that he didn’t break any bones or get run over by a car!

If you thought that footage was crazy, make sure you check out the accident from another angle. It’s harrowing, to say the least!

Of course, Thomas doesn’t appear to have car insurance. Dieckman’s bike is his source of transportation and it’s impounded. The Washington State Patrol claims that Dieckman is at fault but hasn’t issued a citation yet. Who do you think is at fault?

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