Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Barack Obama can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election. She had every advantage. The media was even coordinating with her campaign.

The left can’t accept the fact that Hillary was a very flawed candidate. They had to place blame somewhere else. So they dipped into the past and tried to resuscitate the Cold War. They blamed Russia for Trump’s win! It’s a conspiracy theory that they just can’t let go of.

Political commentator Julie Borowski made a video mocking Obama over his Russia obsession. She uses parody to point out his hypocrisy and childish behavior by giving the Russian reaction to Obama’s accusations. Borowski is a millennial who uses social media to drive her political points and she does a great job in the funny video below!

Yes! Obama needs someone to blame and he looks as ridiculous blaming Russia as Borowski makes him out to be in this video.

Share this if you are ready for Barack Obama to be evicted from the White House!

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