Monday, January 30, 2017

Anyone who was looking to escape the highly politically charged weekend probably should have avoided the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The show was heavy on left-wing identity politics and light on entertainment.

In other words, typical Hollywood.

Hollywood’s hypocrisy was highlighted by David Harbour when the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for “Stranger Things” was announced.

This group of actors who claim to be from the “tolerant left” were led by Harbour who was screaming threats against people who disagreed with him. He even said they will punch Trump supporters in the face! And the audience cheered his threats!

Everyone needs to see the video below to witness the violence that Hollywood encourages on Middle America. Also, Winona Ryder’s expressions are beyond bizarre!

They will punch people in the face with “heart, with soul, and with joy” simply for disagreeing with them. Why do we watch these shows and movies the enrich people who want to harm us?

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H/T: Newsbusters

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