Thursday, January 19, 2017

Are you involved in local politics? Sometimes, it can be crazier than the stuff that goes on at the national level!

These Local Politicians Got Into A Fight – How it Ends Will Leave You Howling with Laughter

A local council debate was becoming increasingly heated. Politicians from both major parties were locking horns.

As the politicians started losing their tempers, one of them sneered at the other: “Have you heard of Bob Froyd?” “No.” admitted the other. “Well,” said the first triumphantly, “if you attended more council meetings, you would’ve known that he’s the man who’s planning to open a new strip club in our town.”

Furious and wanting to do the damage, the opponent responded: “Have you heard of Alex Moskowitz?” “No.” said the first, and then asked: “Who is he?” “Well,” said the second. “if you attended fewer council meetings, you would’ve known that he’s the man who’s been sleeping with your wife.”

I guess all the shenanigans don’t just happen in Washington, D.C.!

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