Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump has changed the mainstream media’s game. He’s not afraid to call their bias out. He doesn’t play by their rules. The media seems be to grasping for relevance as Trump is exposing all their weak spots. And he did it again in his first interview at the White House!

ABC’s John Muir asked the President about the Women’s March. Trump said the he couldn’t hear them, but acknowledged there was a big crowd. Then he said something that appeared to stunned Muir.

He said Friday’s March for Life will be about the same size. And he mentioned the media’s double standard in coverage. The media hardly ever covers the size of this March which draws hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers. The DC Metro has to expand service to accommodate participants, but the March hardly gets coverage from the mainstream media.

Watch Muir attempt to tap dance around Trump’s response. If you are tired of the media bias, you will love the video below! First Muir seems to get defensive then he gets silenced!

No other Republican President has been able to put the press  on its heels like Donald Trump does! I love how Muir tries to deflect, saying he doesn’t want to talk about crowd sizes, even though he just asked about crowd size!

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H/T: Newsbusters

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