Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Judicial Watch is reporting something the mainstream media is likely to ignore. The Fort Lauderdale airport shooter converted to Islam years before he joined the army. He even took on the Islamic name Aashiq Hammad.

The press and the Obama Administration is peddling the story that the shooter is Esteban Santiago, a Hispanic veteran with a history of mental illness. This may be a way of framing the story to sanitize his ties to radical Islam.

Public records shine light on the fact that Hammad (Santiago) recorded Islamic religious songs, including the Shahada (“there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”). In addition, he was caught posting about downloading terrorist videos on a weapons and explosives forum.

Jim Morlock, a successful Fort Lauderdale businessman, is charging some high powered elected officials with feeding the public misinformation about the shooter in an attempt to cover up the ties to radical Islam.

In a letter to the mayor and commissioners, Morlock said, “Since when does a US Senator (Bill Nelson), not law enforcement, be the one to so quickly release this terrorist’s Hispanic name but nothing about his more relevant Islamic background? Obama must have told Sen. Nelson to keep this from looking like a Muslim Terrorist attack during the last 12 days of his watch. Bad for his legacy.” Morlock also wrote that it’s “better to portray this atrocity as white Hispanic Alaskan mental Iraq war vet gun violence.”

Morlock pointed out the shooter lived within walking distance of the only Mosque in Alaska and may have been radicalized before he even joined  “Obama’s PC military.”

The video below details the shooter’s first court appearance. As you can notice, there is no mention made about his Muslim faith and name. The news report is completely sanitized of this information.

Hiding the shooter’s possible true intentions of jihad is important for the left to hide for politically correct reasons and also to help move the gun control agenda. Judicial Watch said that only one national mainstream media station mentioned Hammad’s (Santiago) likely ties to radical Islam.

Gun control is not a strong weapon in the fight against radical Islam. This is well understood by average Americans who don’t swallow the politically correct agenda of the Obama Administration. These people are more concerned with their safety than with hurting the feelings of radicalized Muslims.

It’s important to make sure this information is known. The press is burying it. When the mainstream media hides these things, it’s incumbent upon us to expose the truth

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H/T: Judicial Watch

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