Monday, January 16, 2017

Never in my life have I ever seen anything like this before. This is new to me so let me gather myself. A young deer found it’s way into a backyard that had a pool filled with water. Nobody knows what happened, but the deer fell in and drowned. An unnamed female saw the deer floating and jumped into the water to retrieve the young animal.

Now I would expect that from any human being that cared about animals, but then she started performing CPR on the “dead” deer. She even did mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as you will witness in the video below. That blew my mind!

I never knew that was possible until now.

She could have given up, but this lady was determined to bring “Bambi” back to life and after eight minutes of working hard, what happened next will make you feel so great inside.

Watch the entire event here:

Watching this occur on video was just great! She brought this animal back to life and treated it as if it were a human being. You saw how the deer had checked out, and it didn’t look possible to revive it, but nothing is impossible, right?

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