Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lee Greenwood was asked by The Hollywood Reporter about other performers who have caved to social media threats and backed out of their performances at the Trump Inauguration.

Greenwood called it a “mistake.” In a call to unity, he acknowledged that these performances aren’t political statements, but rather an honor to perform for Americans in a very public setting.

“You’re going to sing for the president, my gosh,” Greenwood said “I didn’t work the campaign, she didn’t work the campaign. This is basically an invitation to go to Washington D.C. and be a part of this celebration. I’m sorry she made that choice. It doesn’t influence what I do or, I think, many of the other performers who will be there.”

“It’s not just about the Trump event, it’s about the change of power in D.C. This is our fourth inauguration, I think whenever you’re asked to do a Congressional appearance, I think it’s in bad taste to say, ‘No,’” Greenwood emphasized.

Lee Greenwood obviously knows a lot about promoting patriotism. His song “God Bless The USA” has been a favorite since 1983. You can see him perform it for Veterans in the video below.

Greenwood is correct. There wasn’t backlash like this for performers at Obama’s Inaugural. It’s an opportunity to perform for your country. To back out of it is a slap in the face to your fellow Americans!

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H/T: Truthfeed

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