Monday, January 9, 2017

All children are fascinated by large objects, especially one’s that move.

Who didn’t play with over-size toy dump trucks and fire trucks as a kid?

And imagine the joy you felt when you saw those big vehicles in person! The enormity always excitd me. I wanted to hear them make their big noises that I only heard tiny, mono-sounding versions of.

I imagine this is what this little girl felt when she saw a big boat in a harbor. She, as any of us are want to do, wanted the ship to blow its big horn!

She got a bigger noise than she expected, though! I guess she didn’t expect the noise to match the size. Or perhaps she did, but she wasn’t ready for it to be THAT Loud!

This isn’t asking for a honk from an 18-Wheeler!

Watch it below!

Let that be a lesson to you! The bigger the vessel, the LOUDER the horn!

I’m gonna need to get my hearing checked after this one!

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H/T FaithTap

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