Monday, January 2, 2017

My mother could tell you some stories about the tragic torture I used to put my sister’s dolls through. I just didn’t feel like treating them like regular people as I was being told to do. Imagine me having a tea party with these objects that couldn’t talk or move?

Well little Sophie seems to have a barbie doll that not only speaks to her, but it gives her instructions on what to do and this latest direction might have been the final straw for Sophie’s parents.

Just watching Sophie tell her father she pleaded with Barbie about not wanting to take part in this bad idea was one thing, but then Sophie took down the entire Barbie brigade and sang like a songbird.

I don’t know what the final punishment for Sophie was but let’s just say we all need to pray for this young princess and hope she’s able to break free from the clutches of these bad dolls.

I am not sure Dad and Mom will be able to pay to clean up these evil dolls mistakes anymore.

Tell us what you would have done listening to Sophie pour out her heart and give up her co-horts in the comment section below. Also add this article to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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