Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For some reason, becoming a Hollywood star seems to fry the brains of some celebrities. Here’s an example: Shia LaBeouf has been protesting Donald Trump in New York City outside the Museum of the Moving Image since last week when Trump was inaugurated. But LaBeouf is getting violent with counter-protesters!

Anti-Trump people think only THEY have the right to protest. Well, that’s not true. People can counter-protest and they should be free to do it without experiencing harassment, especially from a Hollywood actor!

But as you can see here, LaBeouf LITERALLY gets in the face of a counter-protester and nearly assaults him!

The irony of screaming. “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US!” in somebody’s face complete with anger and spittle is lost on LaBeouf. The cops were called in because of his antics, which is great. What you just saw was harassment and possible assault – not free speech.

Tell others about this. If they live in NYC they may want to avoid this area because this guy is unhinged. Donald Trump is the president and these loons will just have to get used to it!

h/t Rare

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