Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sen. Marco Rubio launched a vicious line of attack against Trump’s choice for Secretary of State during his Senate hearing yesterday. The strangest thing about this line of questioning is that you would think the tension and attacks would come from the Democrat side and not our own party side.

Rubio, former Republican presidential candidate, seems like he is still smarting after losing to President-elect Donald Trump. Rubio does not like Trump’s choice for Secretary of State and it was very evident from the beginning he was going after Tillerson, a former CEO of Exxon Oil.

I watched this and I had to wonder what the heck was going on. Rubio’s main problem with Tillerson is he has sat down with Putin to work out deals for Exxon and Rubio seems as if he learned he was Darth Vader’s son and turned to the dark side.

Below in the video, you’ll see the tense exchange and probably be confused who’s side Rubio is on.

One of Rubio’s most troubling exchanges came when he wanted Tillerson to call Vladimir Putin a war criminal.

Rubio tried to Tillerson to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal’ for participating in the bombing of civilians in Aleppo. But Tillerson told him, ‘I would not use that term.’

‘Those are very, very serious charges to make, and I would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion,’ Tillerson said.

He later said, in response to another senator’s question on the subject, that killing civilians ‘is not acceptable’ and he would consider it a war crime if classified intelligence lines up with public reports.

Responding to a question from Rubio about charges that Putin has jailed and killed dissidents, Tillerson said he did not have ‘sufficient information’ on the topic to provide an assessment.

‘In terms of assigning specific responsibility, I would have to have more information,’ he said, a mantra for his responses to senators’ questions about his opinion on world affairs.


Again I was like what’s going on here. Believe me, I do not think Tillerson should have a confirmation hearing where he gets snowball questions. A few tough questions is good for the soul, but this was like he had it out for him and it was very unbecoming!

As you can see, I am not alone in questioning Rubio’s erratic behavior. I am not really sure why this happened, but Rubio definitely dropped some cool points in my book.

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h/t – Daily Mail

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