Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As Hollywood celebrities and the left continue disrespect President-elect Trump and loudly proclaim how they’ll “REFUSE” to perform at the inauguration, there are a few patriots bravely standing with our President and the country:

One of them is music legend Marie Osmond:




Via Yahoo:

Donny and Marie haven’t been asked yet but are willing to perform, Marie Osmond says. The duo has played at multiple inaugural ceremonies including Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

“I think when it comes to our country we need to unite,” Marie told Yahoo Finance in a recent interview. “I think we should all support our president whether we’re happy or sad. This is America.”

Marie Osmond, the mother of eight children, says her kids fall over the political spectrum and that she would never want them to feel a divide based on political preference. “We should come together and I think an Inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should,” she said.

Here is Marie performing  “America”

I love Donnie and Marie! I would love for them to sing at the inauguration and help this country heal!


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