Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Buzzfeed’s publication of malicious fake news about Donald Trump is being picked up by the mainstream media throughout the world.

One of the things being reported is that the Russians have evidence of Trump giving “golden showers” to Russian prostitutes. This perverted act didn’t happen, but it makes for a hell of a headline while smearing Donald Trump, so the mainstream media is running with it.

Yes, after going to war against alleged fake news from the right, the mainstream media jumped in and are using fake news themselves.

WikiLeaks called Buzzfeed’s reporting “bogus.”


In the video below, Mark Dice breaks down the timeline of how quickly the worldwide media is spreading this false information. They wasted no time at all by referencing and parroting Buzzfeed’s unverified and false report.

Weren’t they just griping about fake news last week?

No wonder there is no credibility with the mainstream media anymore. They can’t contain their bias. Anyone with two brain cells can tell you this story is false and easily debunked. But, the press is in a hurry to discredit the President-elect. Ethics be damned!

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