Monday, January 30, 2017

The press worked hard to stoke the fires against President Trump’s refugee ban. They ignored a lot of basic facts about the Executive Order, particularly the fact that it isn’t even a Muslim ban. But, MSNBC didn’t know what to do when an Iraqi refugee who was detained said he likes President Trump!

The video below will have you laughing. At a press conference with NY Democrats Nydia Velazquez and Jerry Nadler at JFK, Hameed Jhalid Darweesh certainly shocked them all when he said he likes Trump, even after he was detained.

Check it out!

That is hilarious! They didn’t know how to react to him declaring that he supports Trump. He certainly wasn’t carrying their agenda for them.

There have been some missteps with the way the Executive Order was carried out. It never stated that legal residents from the seven affected countries would be caught up in this, but the DHS Secretary has now clarified that they are exempt. It’s still a lot smoother than the Obamacare rollout!

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H/T: Red State

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