Tuesday, January 10, 2017

There are these supposed rules in politics. One of those rules is you don’t take aim at the family members of politicians, particularly children and grandchildren. That didn’t stop an MTV News writer from attacking Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter!

Jeff Sessions’ family went to his confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill as is often the case with presidential appointments. Sessions had his granddaughter sitting on his lap for awhile and that prompted Ira Madison III, culture writer for MTV News, to tweet the following (somebody got a screenshot as the tweet has been DELETED!):

How much more vile can somebody get? And what is with liberals who are always so bigoted THEY are the ones who make comments like this? Here are a few tweets in response:

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper to him to the woodshed.

Good idea! 

Tell others about this! Let them know this kind of REAL bigotry is unacceptable! If people don’t speak up and speak out, it will continue to happen! 

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