Thursday, January 12, 2017

People do things and then they act shocked when it all goes wrong. That’s what happened with this nimrod when he thought it was a good idea to SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE FACE with a paintball gun.

This wasn’t an accident either. The dummy did it on purpose and his friend helped him shoot it.

Watch what happens (language warning):

The average paintball moves at a speed of approximately 200 MPH! If you shoot a projectile at your face at that speed, BAD THINGS WILL LIKELY HAPPEN. If you’ve ever been hit with a paintball from a distance, it hurts and can leave a mark. Shooting at your face is IDIOTIC.

Share this with others and basically say, “Don’t be stupid like this guy.” The guys from the show ‘Jackass’ got paid to do their stupid stunts. This guy is just going to be making payments to a dentist. 

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