Thursday, January 19, 2017

Barack Obama is using his final hours as President to showcase what a radical leftist he is. His commutation of traitor Bradley (Chelsea) Manning sent shockwaves to Americans, but his other pardon is downright outrageous.

Obama has commuted the prison sentence of Oscar Lopez-Rivera whose FALN placed more than 130 bombs in American cities in the 1970s and 80s. This man is Bill Ayers on steroids and Obama has granted him his freedom!

In 1975, one of these bombs killed four people in New York. This is who Obama sided with, a domestic terrorist. Should we be surprised after he freed so many from Guantanamo?

Obama’s terrorist Bill Ayers celebrated the news of his fellow terrorist’s release.

Ben Domenech of The Federalist spoke out against this commutation on Fox News.

You can see that energetic debate in the video below.

Completely appalling! Obama choses a terrorist over Americans. There is a lot of concern about Lopez-Rivera’s family, but no concern from the left for the families who lost a loved one because of Lopez-Rivera’s crimes.

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H/T: Truthfeed

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