Thursday, January 12, 2017

Donald Trump has found an unlikely ally in Piers Morgan. The outspoken Brit earlier this week wrote an Op-Ed debunking Meryl Streep’s lies that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He wrote another one pointing out the absurdity and lack of journalistic integrity of releasing the phony intelligence report on Donald Trump and Russian hookers.

Morgan points out that the whole story crumbles under the fact that Trump is a germaphobe. A person who is a bit obsessive about germs wouldn’t have prostitutes urinating on his bed, even if the Obamas had slept there. There were no “golden showers” as Buzzfeed reported then other outlets promoted.

Piers makes four main points defending Trump from this nonsense.

First, Trump has categorically, furiously, emphatically denied it.
(His ‘I’m a germaphobe’ defense alone at today’s press conference is pretty compelling, given I’ve personally seen him recoil from shaking hands many times).

Second, the Russians and Putin himself have equally categorically, furiously, emphatically denied it.

Third, the 35-page dossier containing the bombshell claim has done the rounds of many of America’s leading media outlets for months and nobody’s been able to verify any of it, even as they were champing at the bit to destroy Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fourth, and perhaps most damningly of all, even Buzzfeed, the website part-owned by NBC that broke ranks and published it last night, admits it has no evidence to prove it’s true, has not been able to independently verify it, and may never be able to verify it.

Morgan reminds Buzzfeed and CNN that journalism includes some research and the responsibility to ensure that you are reporting the truth. They can’t scream about “fake news” and then report fake news themselves.

Because if the new journalism is simply publishing whatever comes across your newsdesk, without any independent proof that it’s true, then that’s not journalism – it’s exactly as Trump called it today: ‘cr*p.’

Or to put it more politely, it’s another blazing log on the ugly bonfire currently fuelling ‘fake news’.

President-elect Donald Trump addressed this faux report at his Wednesday press conference. You can see that in video below.

The press is desperate to discredit Donald Trump and perhaps roadblock next week’s Inauguration. What they don’t realize is that they are emboldening him with a public that already distrusts the press.

The press has broken its trust with the public. Their bias was undeniable this past election cycle. Now their desperation is showing – and it’s not attractive.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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