Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Poor Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic Minority Leader presides over a party in shambles. Republicans control both houses of Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court.

No, it’s not a good day to be a Democrat, let alone a leader in the party. But it looks like the days keep getting worse for Nasty Nancy.

During a protest in front of the Supreme Court over Trump’s refugee ban, Pelosi tried to rile up the crowd. That’s when her mic cut out, and awkwardness ensued.

She stands at the microphone completely befuddled, not knowing what to do next. Then she randomly breaks into song. Check out the cringe-worthy video below:

This mishap didn’t go unnoticed by President Trump. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, Trump took to Twitter to completely mock Pelosi and the Democrats.

With Trump in the White House and the Democrats in disarray, it’s a great time to be an American!

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H/T: milo.yiannopoulos.net

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