Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Randy Quaid is a well known and accomplished actor. The Academy Award and Emmy nominated actor wasn’t acting when he put Meryl Streep in her place after the left wing actress used her Golden Globe acceptance speech to trash Donald Trump.

Quaid wrote an open letter to Meryl Streep that he tweeted. It’s rather strong and likely to leave a mark. Like many of us, he views Meryl as a hypocrite and he took her to task for it. He pointed out that Meryl’s views were rejected by the American electorate just a few weeks ago.

The reason you are heartbroken is not because Hillary lost. She was always a lost cause. The reason you’re heartbroken is because you and many other celebrities who share your beliefs realized on November 8th that the corporate media agenda has failed you and you failed it, even as corporate tyranny inversely failed the American people by twisting perception and manipulating public opinion with lies and deception in an attempt to lure voters to the corporate’s candidate. The biggest shocker, however, was the realization that your collective and individual voices really don’t matter, that the majority of your audience voted against you.

Your fans realize that the problems facing this country are big. They realize that it’s all about trust, and the American people don’t like being lied to by NBC and CNN, you or anybody else.

Quaid has recently seen the vindictive side of Hollywood. He also is outspoken, but often finds himself on the other side of “tolerant” Liberal Hollywood’s viewpoint. He has paid dearly for his differences, but Meryl never defended him from the bullying like the kind she accused Trump of on Sunday night.

You stated in your speech that “when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.” So true. So why not attack the bullies that run the entertainment news conglomerates. Why not speak in support of their victims. You’ve got bullying galore going on right in front of you, but either you’re pointedly ignoring it or you just don’t have a clue. How nice it must be not to have a breath of fake negative press ever written about you, or lies manufactured against you by dishonest media attacking your character, your spouse, and your career. How warm and fuzzy not to have your home stolen from you by a Warner Bros executive using a forged deed created in the prop house then publicly denigrating and embarrassing you by having you falsely arrested to cover up his crime. How fortunate you are that lucrative contracts have not been cancelled and looted due to the media condemning you with lies and misrepresentations from “anonymous sources”. And I don’t see your passport being illegally revoked by Hillary Clinton’s state department in the service of a corrupt judicial system taking pay offs from Time Warner. When all of these things happened to me, no one in Hollywood, including you, came to my side. Forty years in the business and not one brave soul stepped forward to put in a good word affirming my professionalism and character.

Meryl Streep isn’t going to come to Randy Quaid’s defense. She appears to reserve her defense of outcasts to child rapist Roman Polanski. In the video below, Streep states that she is sorry he ever spent any time in jail for raping a 13-year-old girl. A child rapist is worthy of Streep’s praise while Donald Trump appears to be her arch-nemesis.

Randy Quaid is right in the fact that Americans have rejected Meryl Streep’s ideals. And every time these leftists attempt to jam their liberal hypocrisy down our throats at awards ceremonies, they are just helping to re-elect Donald Trump.

While Streep throws stones from her diamond crusted glass tower, we can see the truth – that she is a hypocrite.

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Source: IJ Review

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