Sunday, January 22, 2017

I love Elvis. Who doesn’t love Elvis?

He’s the King for a reason. He pioneered a hybrid rock-country-gospel-blues style that completely redefined what it mean to be a musician.

He could sing any style and make it his own. He could take any song, and make it his own with his incredible once-in-a-millennium voice.

Popular up-lifting music is an unfortunate rarity now-a-days.

Our cynical culture looks down on anyone who expresses a positive outlook about life, the world, and other humans.

That’s why its important to spread positive music like this. Elvis could sing the blues, but he could also sing a song about hope and friendship.  His version of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” shows that.

Watch below:

Just the best!

I could listen to Elvis all day, and I often do. He just had such immense and special talent. I’m thankful so much of his music is widely available.


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