Friday, January 6, 2017

Following the torture of a white special needs teen in Chicago by four African Americans, Sarah Palin gave Colin Kaepernick a massive challenge! If the protesting quarterback is so focused on justice and equality, he should take a knee for the victim of this hate crime!

In an Op-Ed on Breitbart, the former Alaska Governor and special needs mom laid out how her son with Down Syndrome and her nephew with autism would have been helpless in this situation. Since people look up to “pop culture heroes,” Palin asked Kaepernick to join the fight for justice for this man and work to prevent this from happening again.

“Is it politically incorrect to call on leaders — including black leaders — to proclaim this the wake-up call society needs? If so, so be it. I call on them.

Is it politically incorrect to challenge pop culture “heroes” to join in? If so, so be it. I challenge Colin Kaepernick to take a knee over this one, for this cause is based in reality.”

Palin actually hit President Obama harder than she did Kaepernick. Obama has acted more like a Race Baiter in Chief than a Commander in Chief. He’s been fanning the flames of racial tensions the past eight years, and Palin called him out on it!

“But President Obama… shush. Just shush with your reaction to this racist attack with claims that race relations have improved under your reign. That is BS. And why, even in this, do you have to make it all about you, all the time? Your suggestion yesterday that there’s some silver lining in this shows how completely out of touch you are. Attacks on the helpless and vulnerable — no matter skin color — are society’s cancer. You still don’t get it. A better reaction is to acknowledge, for one, that your pride and joy hometown of Chicago is a mess.”

Palin also pointed out that Obama’s lack of respect for human life, especially that of special needs babies has been noticed by society.

“Further, acknowledge that you’ve helped perpetuate a culture that disrespects innocent life by pretending that babies aren’t really babies, so their lives don’t matter; by mocking special needs children on national television (as the President!); by promoting vile gangsta “artists” and their cultural depravity; and by wasting time and public resources instead of using them to better society by, for instance, creating jobs and expecting able-bodied persons to work for self-respect and responsibility instead of incentivizing a lawless, selfish, hard-hearted entitlement culture. You have no credibility when twisting this into somehow being about your “accomplishments.” You fail by making this about you.”

Bravo! If the leftists are blaming Trump for this crime, then someone should be blaming the President as well. His inflammatory reactions have been stirring the pot of discourse. These thugs clearly targeted this teen for racist and political reasons as they yelled, “F*#! Donald Trump! F*#! White People!” This has been acceptable rhetoric during the past eight years.

Share this if you agree with Sarah Palin and think if Colin Kaepernick is serious about injustice that he will take a knee for the Chicago victim!

H/T: Breitbart

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