Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bears can’t be trusted, much like the rest of nature. They are massive and frightening creatures focused SOLELY on their own survival. They regularly fight each other to the death.

For some reason, humans love them. They think they are cute and cuddly. But they are not. They are vicious beasts!

What happens when this lady decides to wave at a MASSIVE Grizzly Bear?

Via FaithTap:

This 300 pound brown bear has a huge personality. One might expect this particular brown bear to be used to visitors and onlookers, but for some reason, this woman brought out his endearingly friendly attitude. At the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, hundreds of animals like this enormous brown bear can be seen, but an interaction like this one was truly unexpected.

Watch this magical encounter below!

This video aside…I am never trusting bears.

I’ve seen Grizzly Man, I know what can happen when we get too friendly with this top predator.

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