Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke has been attacked in the media, in the public, on social media, and just about everywhere else because of his no-nonsense attitude against liberal snowflakes and their entitlement mentality.

Clarke especially shines when he’s speaking in common-sense language. So when liberal media outlets attack him for speaking the truth, they really come off as childish.

The NY Daily News did just that. They attacked Clarke after the largest law enforcement union in New York City awarded him “Person Of The Year.” The so-called news organization was beside itself, they ripped into him and called the achievement into question.

They questioned Clarke’s credentials by pointing out: ““HE’S SLAMMED GUN CONTROL SUPPORTERS AS ‘FREEDOM-LOATHING GUN-HATERS.’”

Last I checked, we have the 2nd Amendment in our country, and that trying to “control” guns infringes on our freedom.

Clarke doesn’t bat an eye when it comes to the liberal media attacking him because they can’t do anything “physically” to him and they can’t touch him mentally, so they have no effect.

I wish more people were like this because then liberals would see they have no power over anyone. Clarke is a great role model for those who want to stand up against tyranny and bullying. Most of his detractors do not realize that Clarke is in charge of Milwaukee, one of the most crime-prone cities in America.

Clarke’s award only cements the work he’s doing to fix that jungle while also giving great advice to others across this nation. He’s a solid American and to know him is to know a great American patriot.

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h/t – U.S. Chronicle

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