Friday, January 13, 2017

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker decided he wanted to be the big man on stage during the Attorney General confirmation hearings, breaking tradition by testifying against a fellow Senator. That’s just something that isn’t done.

Many felt Booker was positioning himself for a run at the 2020 presidential race. Even if that’s true, it’s so far out, nobody can predict anything. But one person Booker pissed off was Sheriff David Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke is a no-nonsense law enforcement officer who has been a huge hit on the national scene the last two years. His way of answering and commenting on various issues dealing with Black Lives Matter to community policing, holding DC politicians accountable while calling out liberal media whiners is a win-win for conservatives who want to see our side punch back whenever we get a chance.

From Truthfeed:

Hannity moves on to the topic of the despicable New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, who said out of one side of his mouth about Senator Sessions, “I feel honored to work with him” celebrating civil rights activists. And then “he testifies today against Jeff Sessions in the most theatrical way imaginable. Did you get the sense he was kind of auditioning to try to be Barack Obama with the lofty rhetoric. I felt it was so fraudulent and phony to me.”

Clarke replies, “I thought it was disgraceful on the part of Corey Booker, who I have met. He’s got more class than that but he didn’t demonstrate this at the Sessions hearings. It was phony, he lied about Jeff Sessions, he misrepresented statistics, all in an attempt, like you said to audition potentially for 2020, but that was not the time to do this. He calls Jeff Sessions a friend, if you saw the opening of that and then he turned around and just stabbed him in the back for the rest of his presentation.”

“It was phony,” says Sheriff Clarke, describing Booker as a “poor man’s Obama in terms of acting because he just doesn’t have it.”

It was phony and Booker played his fake part so that the nation could see it front and center. Remember, Booker wasn’t around Sessions in the early 80s.

All he knows is what the Congressional Black Caucus tells him or what he watches on CNN. Booker is a follower, not a leader. And someone in the Democratic party most likely told him we need some minorities to try to sabotage Session’s hearings.

That’s how I took it and it seems to me so did Sheriff Clarke.

What do you think? Did Booker try to torpedo Sessions? Do you agree with Clarke? Share your voice below in our comment section and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline feed.

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