Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke is being attacked by a major liberal newspaper in Wisconsin. I guess they just don’t like it when officials (even law enforcement officials) TELL THE TRUTH!

So what did Sheriff Clarke do that was so terrible? Well, for one, he’s a Donald Trump backer. That’s a big enough strike for any liberal media outlet.

But what really stuck in the craw of the lefty editors of the Journal Sentinel was the fact that Clarke refused to back down when it came to a tough line of questioning from a CNN reporter, and that he defended himself from being harassed on an airplane by an anti-cop lunatic.

So, in their mind, these clueless editors just expect a man like Clarke to sit and take it when challenged in public?

I don’t think so!

Sheriff Clarke never hurt anyone. All he’s done is damage the reputation of the liberal media by being an unapologetic defender of American values.

That’s why his supporters are urging the Good Sheriff to run for Congress. Check out the report in the video below:

No matter how much the liberal media tries to tear him down, we can always count on the Sheriff to never back down!

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