Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bernie Sanders has about as much moral authority to lecture anybody who is a Navy seal as the rotting corpse of Osama bin Laden, but that’s what Sanders actually did!

Ryan Zinke is a former Navy SEAL and is Donald Trump’s choice to head the Interior Department. During his confirmation hearing, he was being questioned about the state of health care for Native Americans.

Zinke started, “As bad as the VA is…” and was constantly interrupted by Sanders as he tried to make his point. Bottom line is, Sanders was being an apologist for the VA. Sanders has never served in the Armed Forces so how in the world would he know how veterans are treated?

You can watch video of the exchange:

A socialist like Sanders should never have the audacity to lecture a hero like Zinke. Period.

Be sure to tell others about this! The last thing we need with a new administration is a socialist like Bernie Sanders lecturing a Navy SEAL about the state of the Veterans Administration!

h/t Washington Free Beacon

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