Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The widow of the Orlando terrorist who killed 49 at Pulse nightclub last summer has been arrested.

The FBI has charged Noor Salman with obstruction of justice and aiding her husband’s attack and support of the Islamic State. Days after the mass shooting, Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged the Obama Administration lost track of the terrorist’s wife, but she was fittingly arrested in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

Federal agents believe Salman purchased ammunition with her husband and even drove with him to case out the Pulse Nightclub as well as Disney World, another potential terrorist target. During the attack, the couple was communicating via text. Salman texted her husband “I love you” as he was killing dozens of innocent people.

As the video below details, Salman is in a world of trouble. With Mateen already dead, victims are getting some justice with Salman’s arrest.

To the families of the victims and the survivors, this justice has been delayed for months. As they were burying their loved ones, the terrorist’s wife and possible accomplice was hanging out in San Francisco. Hopefully, Salman’s arrest will send a message to others who are either turning a blind eye to terrorism or aiding it.

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H/T: CBS News

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