Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tomi Lahren is ON FIRE!

The peppy conservative firebrand just won’t let up when it comes to liberal stupidity.

With Democrats going absolutely berzerk over President Trump’s executive order limiting refugees from coming to the U.S., Tomi took to her now-famous “Final Thoughts” segment to drop some truth on crybaby liberals.

“The USA under Barack Obama places feelings and Muslim sensitivity over its own damn citizens. But breaking news: That song and dance is over!” Tomi announces.

Make sure you watch the entire firey segment below:

Tomi’s tough as nails. She never lets liberals get away with their lies and smears. President Trump’s immigration order has brought out all types of misinformation. But as long as patriots like Tomi keep telling the truth, Democrats won’t have a leg to stand on when opposing Trump.

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