Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thanks to undercover video from Project Veritas, the federal government is now aware of leftist groups’ possible terrorist activities for Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

Project Veritas went undercover to expose leftist’s intentions to protest and disrupt the Inauguration. They met with leaders of the DC Anti-Facist Coalition who are organizing DisruptJ20 for the Inauguration. After obtaining video of these leftists detailing how they plan to use butyric acid to disrupt Inauguration events, they contacted the FBI.

One of the most vocal supporters of DisruptJ20 is Michael Moore. He has been promoting these leftists who are attempting to put up roadblocks for the Inauguration and hassle attendees.

As you can see in the astounding video below, these planners openly plan using butyric acid to force attendees at a Trump Inaugural Ball to be forced to leave the National Press Club. They take particular joy in thinking of ruining the Trump supporter’s clothes. They even plan to go case the event location to plan their attack.

While claiming Trump supporters are hateful and violent, they are plotting to be violent and terrorize attendees at the Inauguration. They want to shut down the Inauguration and the peaceful transfer of power our country has enjoyed since it’s founding.

These radical leftists are plotting to terrorize people who simply don’t support their political agenda all while claiming Trump and his supporters are hostile. They will never understand that actions like theirs helped elect Trump.

People don’t want to be hassled and threatened for their political beliefs. While they think they will scare us into submission, what they are actually doing is helping re-elect Donald Trump. The American people will not stand for this!

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